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Jewish Weddings meet Bluegrass and Klezmer Fusion

Celebrate with us for your next wedding, B'nei Mitzvah, celebration, and more! We bring a fusion of bluegrass, americana, klezmer, and traditional Jewish music to the dance floor, ceremony, cocktail hour, bedekin, and/or Kabbalat Panim. Our mission is simple: to create an authentic Jewish feeling to your wedding from intimate Chuppah music, lively Klezmer cocktail sets, to energetic Horas. We also are well-versed in numerous styles and genres, including Israeli folk, early swing, rock 'n roll, and American pop classics.  Pick the package that serves your celebration best, and contact us today! 

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Enjoy our 3 song hora medley, our acoustic configuration, and ceremonial chuppah music:

Kol Kahol combines serious musicianship and gorgeous harmonies to create a refreshing soundscape in an emerging American-Jewish musical tradition. Grounded in the high lonesome sound, Kol Kahol soars in pure joy. Bluegrass chops and Hebrew folksong beautifully blended.

Joey Weisenberg, Founder, Hadar's Rising Song Institute

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