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Beit El

Our first ever full length album drops everywhere August 1st. This album bends all genres- prepare yourself for an immersive and eclectic listening experience across choral and cantorial traditions finding their way into communal prayer and American folk song.  Beit El is sourced from the original encounter and location between Jacob and the Divine Presence. This is an immensely powerful and meaningful experience, one that has permeated Jewish thought for millennia. The core of Jewish spirituality, belonging, connection and its needed place in our world today sets the tone for this record. Jacob's Ladder paves the way for a familiar yet distinctly original take on Jewish music, one embedded in American musical soundscapes with the spirit and soul of Jewish modes, cantillation and prayer. 


 New Single Release: "Karov Hashem"

The 5th track off our debut album, Beit El, takes Jacob's Ladder in a completely different direction. This ear worm of a tune embedded into an edgier rock choir anthem is supposed to remind you of the power of a simple melody amidst the chaos—one that brings you into the world of Jewish song and the feeling of deeper connection. Yet, it is from this very same source that one can feel isolated from the outside world. Judaism as a whole can inherently have that quality, and our new music video explores this in more depth.


The A section to Karov shares much of the same melody with Rabbis Ken Chasen and Yoshi Zweiback’s L'chu N'ran'nah", recorded in 2001 with their band, "Mah Tovu". This melody is widely sung in many synagogues and Jewish spaces across North America. While this was not intended, in a cosmic and spiritual alignment of stars, there is a mutual feeling of co-composition between Mah Tovu and Jacob's Ladder in the creation of this song.

New Single Release: "Ana B'koach"

The 10th track off our debut album, Beit El, is out an all streaming platforms! This is a new version of Ana B'koach, one we released back in 2020. The melody is the same: the old folk song, "Bury Me Beneath The Willow", made famous by The Carter Family, has beautifully matched this Kabbalistic text. The simple, repetitive quality to it laid works to a reimagined musical portrayal. This new recording features West African drum grooves, claw hammer banjo, and a 5-piece vocal ensemble. This new single will put you in a trance!

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